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B'Sure Repellent Spray


Tropical Strength: Repels Mosquitoes, Sandflies, Flies, Ticks and Leeches.

Neutral Scent.


Product Code: BSR125

Independent Labratory tests prove MEDICATED Tropical Strenght B'SURE Repellent provides long lsating protection against mosquitoes for 6 hours. Especially formulated to reple insects in the toughest conditions. Tropical Strength B'SURE Repellent helps protect you and your family against the risk of bites from disease carrying insects - including mosquitoes that may carry malaria, Ross River Virus and Dengue.

DIRECTIONS: To repel insect pests lightly spray B'SURE from a distance of 5 - 10cm over all exposed skin and affected areas. Do not spray towards eyes or mouth. To apply to face spray on hands and rub on. Do not apply to eyes, mouth or babies hands. NOT TO BE USED FOR ANY PURPOSE, OR IN ANY MANNER, CONTRARY TO THIS LABEL.

PRECAUTIONS: For external use only. If rash or irratation occurs, discontinue use. If swallowed seek medical adivce. Avoid contact with food and food utensils. Avoid contact with spectacle frames, soft plastics or synthetic fabrics.

DEET WARNING: May be dangerous, particularly to children, if used in large amounts on the skin, clothes, bedding or on large areas of the body, especially if you use it for a long time.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in closed original container in a cool dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Dispose of bottleby putting in the garbage. APVMA APPROVAL NO: 61416/125/1206

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